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Get your tickets for THE GREAT DICTATOR!

Updated: May 27

Tickets for The Great Dictator are now on sale. Get your tickets before they run out!

Experience the unforgettable as Charlie Chaplin's iconic film The Great Dictator comes to the stage, brought to you by Nikolai Azzopardi Productions.

A young Barber loses his memory after fighting in a terrible war. When he’s allowed to go back to his regular work, he learns that the country for which he risked his life has since changed and that it now persecutes his people. This is largely thanks to a warmongering Dictator with a chip on his shoulder.

Jamie Cardona plays both The Jewish Barber and Adenoid Hynkel, the vicious dictator, showing how the same person has the potential for great evil as well as great courage to do what is right.

With the help of old allies and new friends, the Barber resists his oppressors until a stroke of luck enables him to share his values with the world.

Based on Charlie Chaplin’s Iconic Film

Adapted & Directed by Malcolm Galea

Movement Direction by Mortiz Zavan Stoeckle

Music by Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur

Produced by Nikolai Azzopardi Productions


Jamie Cardona, Hannah Spiteri,

Peter Galea, Jeremy Grech,

Joe Depasquale and Nicola Abela Garrett.

THE GREAT DICTATOR Copyright © Roy Export S.A.S.. Charlie Chaplin™ is a trademark and/or service mark of Bubbles Inc. SA, used with permission.

This project is sponsored by APS Bank, The Embassy Valletta Hotel and Vibe FM, it is supported by the Arts Council Malta and Agenzija Zghazagh.

PLEASE NOTE: For elderly and mobility-disabled attendees, limited free transport services are available on specific nights. Please contact before purchasing tickets to coordinate arrangements. We want to ensure everyone can enjoy the show comfortably.

Secure your seats now and be part of another unforgettable theatre experience.

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